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We hope you enjoy your visit to our website! In the years since our establishment in 1991, we have established ourselves as an institution dedicated to excellence in language teaching, with an excellent track record of providing an education to international students and Singaporeans.

We provide a friendly, comfortable and safe environment in which students can learn English and other languages, experience living and studying in Singapore, as well as communicate and interact with people from other cultures.

Many parents from abroad are keen to have their children study in public schools in Singapore. Enroll in one of our preparatory courses for different levels to have a head start to our local curriculum.

We also conduct part-time Chinese and Japanese courses for those who are interested in learning a new language.

Courses in NYU

Certificate in International English

Certificate in International English caters to students who are not proficient in the language.

Preparatory Course for Cambridge First Certification in English (FCE)

The First Certificate in English (FCE) is the most widely taken Cambridge EFL examination, with more than a quarter of a million candidates yearly.

Preparatory Course for International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The International English Language Testintg System (IELTS) assesses the language ability of candidates.

Preparatory Course for Diploma in TESOL

This course allows students to acquire the necessary English teaching skills,techniques,knowledge and training to be effective teachers in a modern classroom.

Enroll in our English courses

We offer full-time and part-time courses to international students and Singaporeans. Our helpful and friendly teachers in our full-time English classes at Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels will guide you through your encounter with the English language. Many of our students study English all the way up to our Preparatory Course for Diploma in TESOL.

Learn a language at your convenience

We have part-time classes for people who wish to learn English, Chinese or Japanese. These lively and informative classes are taught by native speakers of the language.

Classes are held on weekday evenings and weekends for the convenience of working adults.

Classes are held on weekday evenings and weekends for the convenience of working adults.

Enter a public school in Singapore

In ever larger numbers, parents from around Asia are enrolling their children in Singapore schools , to take advantage of the educational opportunities here.

Our preparatory courses will give your children a sound foundation in English and Mathematics, in preparation for the school entrance examinations conducted before the beginning of each school year.


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