Your information is safe with us!

As a student, you will provide government agencies and the school with quite a bit of information about yourself and your family. As a business, we are entrusted with information about the individuals and organisations with whom we interact - our students, staff and applicants for jobs or courses. It is our responsibility to keep this information safe and to ensure that the people who see it have a legitimate right to do so. Keeping your information confidential is important to us, and here, we describe our confidentiality policies and practices.

How we use your information

When you apply for a course with us, we make a promise to use your information only in order to process your application. If we use the data for any other purposes, we will ask for written permission, from you, and indeed, from any individual or businesss with whom we interact. We will not reveal personal information such as names, passport numbers, medical information, information about medical or course insurance, fees paid or outstanding to any third party unless we have this written consent.

The School is committed to a strict adherence to the policy and procedures for confidentiality and security of information.

Our confidentiality and security policy and procedures are communicated to all relevant staff through the School's policy and operation manuals, and printed on all relevant forms, e.g. application forms, on which students and staff provide personal data or information.

Computer data

Like most other organisations, we store most of our information on our computers. The School uses the following measures to safeguard its computer systems:

  • Passwords Secure passwords protect access to sensitive data. They are given to staff on a need-to-know basis. Passwords are changed periodically and they are not shared.

  • Workstations The School's computers and laptops are locked away whenever they are left unattended.

  • Removable media The data on removable media is erased or made unreadable before being disposed.

  • Transmission of confidential data Confidential data is not sent out via e-mailed or transmitted electronically by other means unless it is password protected.

  • Printing out computer documents Printed copies of computer documents are made only when necessary. Printouts which contain sensitive information are disposed securely.

Paper data

The School uses the following measures to safeguard data in paper form:

  • All paper documents are removed from their filing cabinets only when necessary;
  • Access to documents is limited to those individuals with a legitimate need to see them;
  • Maintain records in accordance with the School's records retention policy; and
  • Physical security is maintained by locking rooms and filing cabinets where sensitive information is stored.