Mission, Vision, Values and Culture


The School's mission statement defines its fundamental purpose. It is a statement of why we exist:

  • NYU Language School develops the language and communication skills of its students within a nurturing and student-centred environment.


Our vision is an idealised future conception of the School's relationship to the world as its works out its mission:

  • NYU Language School will be recognized as an outstanding School that is totally committed to the education and well-being of its students.


We believe that it is essential to create an identity and establish a unique culture for the School.

  • We embrace the diversity of our students’ backgrounds and beliefs by respecting the uniqueness of every student.


The School's values are the shared beliefs of its stakeholders.

  • Nurture We nurture our students for a better future.
  • Excellence We strive for excellence in students’ well-being.
  • Integrity In everything we do, we show our commitment to our values and we are honest and fair in our dealings.