Getting a Student Pass

The School will help you in your application for a Student Pass. You will need the following in connection with your application:

  • Birth certificate (with the student and both parents’ names)
  • School graduation certificates
  • Report card / school transcript (highest level)
  • 2 passport-sized photographs against a white background
  • 1 photocopy of the original passport
  • Documentary proof of financial ability and parent’s statement of monthly income (for visa-required countries)
  • Names on all documents must tally with the name on the passport

All these documents must be translated to English. Copies of all originals and translated versions must be submitted to NYU Language School for Student Pass application.

While you needn't submit the original documents to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), you should have them ready, as the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) may need to verify the photocopies you have submitted against the originals.

Your application for a Student Pass is done online, through an ICA website. A unique SOLAR+ number will be generated. You will be informed of the SOLAR+ number. You are required to submit eForms by completing the data items in the electronic forms for your application for a Student Pass. If necessary, the School will assist you in the submission of Student Pass application to ICA.

Your application will be processed by the ICA. This will take about 4 - 6 weeks. The ICA will then inform the School as to the outcome of your application. You will then receive in-principle approval for your Student Pass, or your application may be rejected.

If you receive in-principle approval, the School will arrange an appointment for you with the ICA. You will have to comply with the requirements stated in the in-principle-approval letter. You may be required to

  • bring along original documents for verification when you appear for your appointment. Please make sure you have all the documents required.
  • undergo a medical examination.
  • pay a security deposit. This deposit will be returned to you upon cancellation of your Student Pass. International students who are at & above 16 years old must pay their security deposits in the form of a Banker's Guarantee.
  • Country Amount
    Malaysia and Brunei Nil
    Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines S$1000
    People's Republic of China, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar S$5000
    Other countries (including Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and Russia) S$1500
    How to get a Banker's Guarantee:

    Option 1
    Students will have to do the following:

    1. Savings and a Fixed Deposit account with DBS bank. (Amount to be advised by the bank)
    2. The bank will use this Fixed Deposit to issue the Banker's Guarantee on behalf of the student.
    3. The bank will charge 1.5% of the amount of the Banker's Guarantee or S$102 (whichever is higher) as service fee.

    Option 2
    NYU Language School purchases the Banker's Guarantee for the student. The price ranges from $321 to $588.50 (depends on duration & amount).

Rejected application

If your application for a Student Pass is rejected by the ICA, you may ask the School to write a letter of appeal on your behalf. Your application will be reviewed by the ICA, which will then allow your appeal or reject it.

Student Pass regulations

Your Student Pass is not transferable and will be cancelled when you are no longer a student here.

If you withdraw or complete your studies at the School, the School will inform the ICA. You must return your Student Pass to the School for cancellation within 7 days of your last day in school. You will be given a copy of the cancellation letter. You will then be able to stay in Singapore for 30 days on a social visit pass.

The initial application fee for a Student Pass will be paid by the School. Any subsequent fees that may be charged by the ICA in connection with your application must be borne by you.

Student Pass renewal

The School will help you with the renewal of your student pass, as long as you inform us in time. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Student Pass is renewed on time. The School will not be responsible if your pass expires, or your application for renewal is rejected by the ICA because you were late in submitting your application for renewal.